Eco-fiber is materials which completely water sterilize, deodorize and anti-alga, not to agricultural chemicals.

Lately, Eco-fiber became used at pond of golf courses, water storage tank, hotel, restaurant,
water fall and pond of buildings and fountains.
The purpose of preventing mold disease and bacterial Ella disease, and It has greatly effects independ on medicines.
Two kinds of ion(zinc ion and copper ion) radiating from Eco-fiber is very small quantity, and does not have surrounding influence, also not get a load on environment which rated high.

How can we remove mold disease which caused various kinds of damages?
The new material Eco-fiber only put in underwater, have became the form which infinitesimal quantity
Of grades react to water, and tend to ionize for a long period of time, stop bacteria, mold, a virus, slime, and an alga, and also demonstrate a deodorizing effect.
Only immersed into the water, and maintenance is unnecessary.

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